The Campaign Honor Roll

We are pleased to acknowledge the generosity of our donors who have already joined our Campaign. We invite you to add your name to this distinguished roll call of individuals and institutions with a deeply personal commitment to our community.

The Campaign For Construction of The New Roseland Regional Library

The leadership of Senate Majority Leader Mike McGuire and Assemblymember Marc Levine

Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria

The Campaign For Collections, Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment For The Roseland Regional Library

We are proud to acknowledge these gifts received since November 1, 2022.

Please note, gifts are listed alphabetically within a category, except when the gifts are higher than the base level, in which case they are listed first. And finally, every gift makes an exceptional difference. The ultimate value of a gift we know is its personal significance to the donor. And that’s why every donor on this Honor Roll is significant to us. Thank you.

LIBRARY VISIONARY ($100,000 and above)

Sonoma County Public Library Foundation



Friends of the Santa Rosa Libraries


Carol and Clark Mitchel
Eddie Alvarez
Patricia Kuta, in honor of Erma Kuta
Barbara and Jake Mackenzie


Cynthia Denenholz and Paul Jamond
Julia Grant
Gayle Guynup
Thomas Haueser
Suzy and Mike Marzalek
Sally and Robert Nicholson, in honor of Bo Simons
Rachel and Tim Parker


Thom and Judy Glenn
Deborah Doyle and Melvin Whartnaby
Sharon Dezurick
Jan Kahdeman and Rita Jane Purcell
Luther Burbank Corporation Foundation


Roberta Chamberlain
Gloria Chung
Barbara Maughan
Craig Palmer and Allen Habel
Jeremy Wall
John Weinstein


Helena Whistler and Fred Engbarth
Virginia Marcoida
Sara and Zeke Ortiz
Ann and Alec Peters
Erika Thibault
Efren Carrillo
Dobie Edmunds
EJR Properties
Chris Falley
Susan and Dennis Fujita
Ray Holley and Lynn Woznick
Robert Hesse
Jorge Inocencio
Leslie Markham
Sandra Martensen
Marthe Norwick
John and Hope Picchi
Vivek and Jenny Ramaswamy
Mary Ann Rovai
Nikki Tureen


Monique Semp
Terry Bronson
Sabrina Condon
Gwendolyn P. Dhesi
Kerry Weiner and Andy Elkind
Sara Ferrandini
Linda Garcia
Kristin Halligan
Julia Iantosca
Sarah Laggos and Rick Starkey
Berenice Schmitt
Jeffrey A. and Leah Rosencrantz Bluestone
Marcia Burkart
Norma Doyle
Terese and Robert Gilford
Kathleen S. Hastings
Phyllis Hoover
Katherine Morris
Carol Newman and Barry Sovel


Anonymous (5), Jean Schram, Barbara Toschi, Bob and Carol Hasenick, Michael Madden, David Watts, American Online Giving Foundation, Kay Christiansen and Richard Walzer, Randy and Beverly Diakur, Melinda I. Evans, Bill and Beth Krumbein, Louisa Leavitt, Mitch Savitsky and Cheryl Smith, Gwin Stumbaugh, Dorothea Geiger, Edward Carney, Nancy and Brantly Richardson, Jennifer Adams, Valorie Bader, Dan and Christine Braccialini, Dianne Davis, Sandy and Dick Drew, Janice and Max Hein, Nancy Lilly, Diana Lobush, Ana Manwaring, Susan McGuire, James Melancon and Gary Lissow, Kris Nevius, Rob O’Donnell, Karen and David Rust, Robin Seltzer, Bonnie Shelley, Dena Sherick, Nannette Meyers and Arnold Stellema, Peter Wiggin, Gregory Hull, Laurie Hall, Durs Koenig, Deana Abramowitz and Joel Reif, Margo and Richard Addison, Michele Audrey, Judith Bauman, Suzanne Blue, Robert Brannigan, Paul M. Bulger, John Burns, Patricia D. and Thomas D. H. Connick, Patricia Dahl, Susan Daniel, Jayne De Lawter, Kenneth Delpit, Gail Ellestad, Margaret Flynn, Sheila Gillis, Helen Gunderson, Mia James, Barbara and Tom Kendrick, Danielle King, Nancy Lewis, Patrick Marshment, Marguerite Matthews, Tim and Phyllis Mayer, Cheryl Maynard, Elizabeth McBride, George McKinney, Janet A. and Nathan P. Moore, Elliot Morrison, Elizabeth Mota, Kiyo Okazaki, Diana and Scott Partridge, Diane Psota, Dede Puma, Jean Reed, Dee and Harry Richardson, Susan Schynert in memory of Linda Ann Buonocore, Fred K. and Maureen Seydel, Dorothea Shipp, Michelle Sikora, Joan Spear, Richard Sutherland, Anne and Wallace Trujillo, Neva Turer, Janice Wilson, Carolyn A. F. Young


Amazon Smile, Anonymous (5), Margorie Ballo, Scott Alonso, Ramon Monge, Jamison Moessing, Anderson Howard, Lyndi Brown and Anthony Tusler, William Coolidge, Herman G. Hernandez, Janice Hess, Margaret Lynch, Margaret McFarlin, Kenneth Prochnow, Karen Joy and Ray Steven Spratt, Richard Bloom, Sally Schapero, Janice and Timothy Aoki, Barbara Baker, Marie Blasco, Ellen Blustein, Deborah Britt, David Cahill, Chris Carrieri, Robert N. and Shirley P. Cheal, Chris and Urmi Crossland, William Daniel, Janet Drew, Theodore Feldman, Flora Ganzler, Susan M. and Kenneth S. Gertz, Eleanor Goldman, Gordon Heiner, Christie Heller, Derry Hornbuckle, Shirley Jamison, Eliana Johnson, Kathleen Jones, Susan Krawetz, Ardath Lee, Janet Leonard, Karen Levin, David Lightfoot, Barbara Logen, Stephen Mack, Thomas Menzies, Judith and Barry Moorman, Paul Peyrat, Janice Polizzi, Barbara Powell, Joel Reynolds in memory of Nancy Burrington, Kathryn Saxton, Luann Schend, Jennie Snyder, Antoinette Sousa, Priscilla St. Clair, Cindy Stearns, Linda Tauzer, Joseph and Judith Tembrock, Edith Ullman, Francisco H. Vazquez, Jeffrey and Renee Zamacona, Denise Ferguson, Nola Lundy, Jessica Hazelwood, Janice M. and James R. Belding, Gary So, Pamela Harrington, Frank Muckerman, Dolores Edelstein, Jenny Mercado, Sheryl Nadeau, Karen Wallace, Ellen Butterman, Timothy J. and Susan G. Cummings, Sue Deal, Cheryl Dewey, Joan Frank, Nancy Hansen, Dan Hull, Mike McClure, Nancy and Robert McFarland, Wendy Petersen, Louonna Phelps, Alex Pleasic, Sharon Renwick, Evelyn Ronshausen, Paul Stokes, Patrick Sweeney, Morris and Roma Torres, Lisa Davison, Michael Hyde, John Aicega, Erin Akamine, Jack Dupre and Marsha Vas Dupre, Barbara Vestal, James Toste, Michael Bon, Dorothy Hartley, Sean Nolan, John Sunseri, PayPal

If we have misrepresented your preference for how you want to be acknowledged, or are not included and you made a commitment, we are eager to correct it. Please contact Suzanne Axtell, Fund Development Specialist, at

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