A Permanent Library for Roseland Pledge of Support

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 We are gathering signatures to a Pledge of Support for the Roseland Library for presentation to the Santa Rosa City Council in February:

We need help getting groups, congregations, clubs, neighbors to sign on.  Feel free to download.

A Portrait of Sonoma: Sonoma County Human Development Report /Un Retrato Del Condado De Sonoma (2014)[1] is a county wide assessment of human development that includes health, access to knowledge, and living standards. This report documented that not all county residents have access to the same opportunities to meet their full potential, and that significant health, education and income disparities exist between Roseland and southwest Santa Rosa and the East side of Highway 101.  Residents in this area have one of the lowest life expectancy rates in the county, with almost half of its adult population without a high school diploma.

Santa Rosa welcomed Roseland into its city in 2017 with a vision and goal of creating services and infrastructure at parity with the rest of the City.  We recognize that in order to achieve this goal, we must work together in strategic, thoughtful, and engaging ways.

We recognize that a key component to empowering a community in the achievement of its peak potential is a fully resourced, modern Library.

Furthermore, a library in Roseland will serve as a needed community hub, an information and resource center.

Here are just Some of the positive proven impacts of a community library:

  • Libraries create improved economic prospects and an enhanced quality of life, while generating an annual economic impact of nearly four times the amount invested in their operations. [2]
  • Libraries, which champion, promote, and reflect important democratic values, are a part of the community’s political life.
  • Libraries provide important business resources, especially for small local businesses.[3]
  • Libraries help to ensure that non-English speakers see themselves represented in their communities and they provide immigrants with helpful information about, and opportunities to connect with, their new communities.[4]
  • Free tutoring, homework help programs, and summer reading programs for kids and teens help bridge the economic divide that impacts students’ academic performance and serve as a place to study as well as safe harbors in violent and under-resourced neighborhoods.

And we’re proving it in Roseland:

  • Early literacy support and having books readily available in the home are among the biggest indicators of future school success. The Roseland Community Library is a trusted educational support for families in the area. The items most checked out by the community are books for babies and toddlers in Spanish and the weekly preschool story times reach over 3000 Roseland residents annually.
  • The Roseland Community Library provides daily access to computers, printers, and Wi-Fi for all ages, creating equity in an area lacking technology infrastructure. The bilingual digital literacy support provided by the Library is invaluable to the success of Roseland residents.
  • The majority of registered users for the Roseland Library are children and teens. Over 500 children would be without library services and resources if the Roseland Community Library did not exist.

Therefore we join together to commit to partnering with the Roseland community and the City of Santa Rosa to identify the opportunities and assets on which to build a permanent Roseland Community Library.

[1] A portrait of Sonoma County, Measure of America, 2014

[2] Economic Benefits of Public Libraries. Value for Money, 2009 report by Leven, Driscoll, and Fleeter.

[3] Urban Libraries Council, “Making Cities Stronger: Public Library Contributions to Local Economic Development,” Jan. 2007.

[4] Public Library Association, “Welcome to the United States: Services for New Immigrants,”

Email  support  for inclusion in the list of supporters to: pkuta@sonic.net   or send to hard copy: Pat Kuta, 2040 Elizabeth Way, SR 04

Permanent Roseland Library Project

Coalition to Support the Roseland Library
Roseland Coalition Logo

Roseland Staff on Construction Zone

…introducing our Roseland crew: Jacqueline, Marcos, and Marlene

Roseland Coalition Progress Report-Keeping a Library in Roseland

After several presentations with public comment at Santa Rosa City Council meetings the Roseland Library funding request made by the Coalition Coalition was referred to the Mid Year Budget Revision hearings towards the end of this year. We will redouble our efforts to seek City funding for their newest Library. Our position with the County of Sonoma was even cooler given the variety of their concerns and their focus on completion of Roseland Annexation. With neither government entity budgeting funds our grant opportunity did not move forward.

During the summer the Coalition revamped their plan focus and went into a soft campaign mode (directly to high-end donors of $50,000+) with the amazing result of receiving commitments of over $1.1 million during August 2017. These are in the form of pledges contingent upon receiving significant financial support from the City of Santa Rosa.

We are meeting with City officials about the need for adding City funding to the current show of private support and to clarify future titling of the library space.

The Coalition is seeking development more visible active support for the project within the Roseland community. We need more voices from the community the project will serve. We will establish an Information Kiosk at the Roseland branch, with posters, sign up cards and progress notices, in English and Spanish using “Save our Library “and brief the staff on how to represent our efforts.

We have begun to create capitol campaign materials for funding raising over the next several months.

The Coalition is meeting with Supervisor Lynda Hopkins to seek a way to secure some level of funding from the County. Additionally given the demolition of the temporary Roseland Library space we will seek final assurance from the county for housing of Library services during the rebuilding phase.

We will meet with the Boys and Girls Club regarding co-campaign efforts for funding raising and grant development.

To add your name to our published supporters’ list, complete the form below.

Roseland Village Neighborhood Center

Roseland Library adds permanent bilingual staff, expands hours

In May 2017 due to the passage of Measure Y, the Roseland Library expanded to include Monday hours, and now has three bilingual permanent staff including Jacquelyn Martinez, Librarian, Library Associate, Marlene Vera, and Library Specialist Marcos Soriano. To view the expanded hours and activities link to: https://sonomalibrary.org/locations/roseland-community-library

We have an Interim Library Director

Tracy Gray was appointed interim Library Director after the resignation of Brett Lear. Ms. Gray is working closely with our Coalition to achieve a permanent library in Roseland.

We need your help for this library to get funded. Please contact with us if:

  • You would can attend/and or speak (2-3 minutes only) at a City or County budget meeting in ’17/’18
  • You live or work in Roseland and would be willing to post Roseland Library campaign materials or recruit support to attend a City/Council budget meetings.
  • If you are able to send letters or emails to key City Council members please let us know.
  • You have any special skills, ideas or ability to support the efforts of the Roseland Library Coalition.

Contact us at:library4roseland@gmail.com

History and Future Plans

November 2015 the temporary community library opens in Roseland
This long sought neighborhood library was made possible through the combined efforts of the Sonoma County Community Development Commission, the Sonoma County Library, the Sonoma County Public Library Foundation, Friends of the Santa Rosa Library, Los Cien, the Rohnert Park Rotary, and other generous public service groups and private donors.

Present site of the Roseland Library
The Library is included in a 7.5-acre plot of land destined to be redeveloped in a public/private partnership beginning in 2018. This redevelopment will include affordable housing, market rate housing, a commercial food hall, a public plaza, and a civic building. The plans are for the civic building to house a permanent Sonoma County Library branch and a permanent Boys & Girls Club for the Roseland neighborhood youth.

Cost of the future permanent Roseland Library
The cost of the permanent library branch is presently expected to be approximately $4.5 million (not including the Boys & Girls club portion). It is hoped that a significant portion of this funding requirement will be met by Sonoma County and the City of Santa Rosa. The reality is, however, that approximately $1.7 million will have to be raised through private means to bring this worthy project to a successful conclusion.

November 2016 Sonoma County voters pass Measure Y
This sales tax measure provides critical funding for Sonoma County Library operations. This measure allows our library system to re-open on Mondays, expand other library hours, expand staffing, increase material collections, and begins long delayed maintenance on all library facility branches. Unfortunately, Measure Y does not allow the use of these sales tax funds for capital projects, such as the proposed new permanent Roseland branch. The generosity of our civic groups and citizens will be needed for the construction costs of the permanent facility. After completion of the building, Measure Y funding will provide up to $1 million of the $4.5 million to provide the interior finishing, books, equipment, computers and staffing in order to open the doors and additional operational funds going forward.

Early 2016 the Coalition to Support the Roseland Library is created
This group includes present and past county commissioners, city councilmen and councilwomen, the present joint city/county Sonoma County Library Commissioner, local library support organizations, civic groups, and dedicated citizens.

Sonoma County Public Library Foundation serves as fiscal agent for all private donations to the Roseland project. The Foundation was a founding member organization in the original effort to fund the temporary Roseland library – and is again taking a leading role in this final effort to build a permanent home for the Roseland branch. Records of all donations will be maintained by the Foundation, tax donation acknowledgement letters will be provided to donors by the Foundation, and all collected funds will be paid by the Foundation towards the construction costs of the new permanent facility. Additionally, the Foundation has already committed funds to the future permanent building.

Libraries remain essential in a democratic society.
Libraries provide much needed investment in the future of our youth, opportunities for continued education for adults, a proven mechanism for economic growth through skills training and access to new technology, and an important sense of community for all. We will continue to keep anyone interested in our progress and in new developments on this web page, through Facebook, and by mail and email.

Please join the Coalition and your Sonoma County Public Library Foundation in making the long needed permanent Roseland library branch a reality.

Read our Coalition to Support the Roseland Library Case Statement

Support the project:

We are actively inviting individual supporters and organizational members to join our Coalition. No dues, or monthly meetings required, just a willingness to stand up for a permanent library in SW Santa Rosa.

We do anticipate the need to raise funds to secure and build out a permanent site as we succeed in guaranteeing a permanent location. Any capital or other fundraising foals and campaigns will be announced publicly when tangible plans for a library are achieved.

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