Coalition to Support the Roseland Library

You may have already read about many new and positive changes for Roseland Library in the Press Democrat in 2019. But, in case you missed any here they are again plus more…

After four busy years at the current temporary site (while sharing space with the Boys and Girls Club), the temporary Library building will be torn down in late 2019/early 2020 to make space for a permanent structure. Just prior to this, the Roseland Library will move to an excellent new location at 470 Sebastopol Road. The space will be twice as big and because it will not be a shared site, additional hours of service will be available to Library patrons.  Be ready to participate in the Grand Opening Celebration!

Many thanks to the Santa Rosa City Council who have budgeted $150,000 for a minimum of one year for this temporary space. And kudos to Lynda Hopkins and the County Board of Supervisors for allocation $250,000 for the relocation.

New Staff in 2019 

Ann Hammond is the Library Director for the Sonoma County Library. Hammond came to Sonoma County in March 2019 from Lexington, Kentucky, where she served as the Executive Director of the Lexington Public Library. This is Hammond’s third position as a library executive in California, serving in leadership roles in San Diego and Alameda counties before her position in Kentucky.

Hammond is experienced in public library management, budgeting, strategic planning and collections planning. Prior to her first library job in 1995, Hammond was a US Navy officer, a stay-at-home mom, an agronomist and a forensic scientist. She has strongly engaged the cause of creating a permanent Library in Roseland.

Roseland Library Staff

Celma Luster has been a Sonoma County Librarian since 2007. She has served at multiple branches and is pleased to be a Librarian at the Roseland branch. She really enjoys promoting reading, library services and community participation. 

Guadalupe Guzman began working at Roseland Library in 2019 and feels that it has been a great learning experience. She loves to read and listen to both classical and pop music, especially Korean pop music which has made her aspire to travel to South Korea at least once in the future.

Marlene Vera, with the library since 2017, is Senior Library Associate at Roseland Community Library.  She has worked in the Roseland area for 10 years in the early education field as a preschool teacher and is focused on providing library services that connect to and address the needs and concerns of the Roseland Community.

The Library Commissioners have welcomed several new Commissioners in 2019 including David Cahill, representing Santa Rosa and Karen Schneider, taking a SR City/County position . (Please look them up on the Sonoma County Library website to see their history). Led by the Library Commission Chairperson Reece Foxen, several commissioners have attended, testified and successfully advocated for the Roseland Library at the Santa Rosa City Council meeting.

The Future Permanent Roseland Library

The Roseland Neighborhood Village is a 7.5 acre parcel that will be developed with housing, a commercial center, a civic building and a public plaza. The civic building is envisioned for joint use (but not sharing of the same space) by the library and the Boys & Girls Club, but it is important that the library first complete an ongoing study of the ideal size and scope of a permanent library branch in Roseland. Once that work is complete, plans can move forward.

For a permanent library to be created in Roseland, a significant portion of the funding will have to be raised from public, private and philanthropic sources. Cost estimates are now being gathered and a capital campaign planned by multiple interested entities is in the early planning stages.

Sign the Pledge

We are gathering signatures to a Pledge of Support for the Roseland Library.  We need help getting groups, congregations, clubs, and neighbors to sign on. Please sign and return to to show your support! 

Sign the Pledge

Many thanks to our partners in support of the Pledge for a Permanent Library in Roseland:

Jeniffer Weiss Boys & Girls Club

Susan Cooper + Vince Harper Executive Director, Community Action Partnership

Guadalupe Navarro Executive Director, Latino Service Providers Network

Carlos Chavez Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Omar Gallardo Landpaths/Bayer Farms

Caroline Banuelos Latinx Democratic Club

Herman Hernandez Los Cien

Amy Jones Kerr Roseland School District

Oscar Chavez Assistant Director, Sonoma County Human Services 

Herman G. Hernandez, Sonoma County Office of Education Trustee

Jerry Bensen + Carl Jackson, Friends of the Santa Rosa Libraries

Judy Coffey RS, SR VP Kaiser Area Manager

Pat Kuta, Santa Rosa Together

Jenny Close, SRCS Board Chair

Stephanie Manieri, SRCS Board

Omar Medina, SRCS Board

Rafael Vasquez, SRJC Immigration Coordinator

Lisa Carreno, United Way

Mike Runyun

James Brown

Eva Gallagher

Irma Garcia

Sue Batesp-Pintar

Jessica Hazelwood

Magdelena Ridley McQuilla

Scott Johnson

Randolph Jones

Trish Terrell

Bob Klose

David Little

Mariana Martinez

Victoria Ornelas

Lorrie Quam

Kerry Rego

Harry + Dee Richardson

Renee Riggs

Stephanie Sanchez

Barbara Tomin

Lisa Maldonado

Ana Lugo

Sonia Taylor

Marta Tilling



Storytime with Veronica Dondero


We need your help for this library to get funded. Please contact us if:

  • You can send us a signed Pledge of Support
  • You live or work in Roseland and would be willing to post Roseland Library campaign materials or recruit support to attend future public meetings
  • If you are able to send letters or emails to key City Council members please let us know.
  • You have any special skills, ideas or ability to support the efforts of the Roseland Library Coalition.

Contact us

Libraries remain essential in a democratic society.
Libraries provide much needed investment in the future of our youth, opportunities for continued education for adults, a proven mechanism for economic growth through skills training and access to new technology, and an important sense of community for all. We will continue to keep anyone interested in our progress and in new developments on this web page, through Facebook, and by mail and email.

Please join the Coalition and your Sonoma County Public Library Foundation in making the long needed permanent Roseland library branch a reality.

Read our Coalition to Support the Roseland Library Case Statement

Support the project:


We are actively inviting individual supporters and organizational members to join our Coalition. No dues, or monthly meetings required, just a willingness to stand up for a permanent library in SW Santa Rosa.

We do anticipate the need to raise funds to secure and build out a permanent site as we succeed in guaranteeing a permanent location. Any capital or other fundraising foals and campaigns will be announced publicly when tangible plans for a library are achieved.

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