The Sonoma County Public Library Foundation seeks to fund requests from staff throughout its branches three times a year for materials, programs, or projects which will enhance the library experience for its patrons.

Grants may be requested up to $2,500.

Please complete the form below giving a description of your program or project and describe how the project meets the goals of the library, and how it will impact our community.

Available for all Sonoma County Library Staff.
Our annual grant application deadlines are June 1st, September 1st, and December 1st.

Grants are available to all Sonoma County Public Library staff members.

Please note: It is highly recommended, to avoid loss of work, that you prepare and edit your grant descriptions in a word or other text document, then copy and paste the descriptions into this form.

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This proposal/project supports (check all that apply):

If the Foundation is not able to fund the whole amount, what is the minimum required to fund this project?

Provide a short description of your program/project. Include information about how the program/project uniquely fits the needs of the library system, what patrons will experience, how will success be determined and how your project will impact the community.