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Roseland library fundraising effort going well

It’s looking more and more like the effort to open a temporary library branch in Roseland is no longer a matter of if, but when.

As of Wednesday, library advocates said they were only $10,000 shy of reaching their fundraising goal of $190,000, with more donations coming in daily.

The group already has exceeded by $10,400 the goal of raising $10,000 through an online crowdfunding effort, for a total of $20,400. And they’re a month ahead of schedule…continue reading here

Roseland Village Library Indigogo

Project Summary The Roseland Neighborhood and greater Southwest Santa Rosa is becoming one of the youngest areas in Sonoma County with new families and children abound! For years, Roseland residents have been leading their neighborhood community to new heights thanks to their leadership and the active support and involvement from surrounding Sonoma County residents. ForContinue Reading

Roseland Branch a Reality

Roseland Branch a Reality

Momentum is building for opening a temporary library branch in Roseland, part of a long-standing effort to bring books, educational programs and other services to the community southwest of Santa Rosa. The library would take up space in the old Furniture 2000 store on the site of the former Roseland Village Shopping Center, which isContinue Reading